A Sidelong Glance (English) Live Book

A Sidelong Glance is a collection of 50 philosofical topics organized according to the Live Books project.

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A Sidelong Glance is a Live Book. It was born at the beginning of June and been growing since then.

Until today: 21 articles
It will be closed to new articles when it will arrive to 50 but forever opened for students and professors.

Please read attentively what is a “Live Book“.


A devotee should give up enthusiasm for big endeavors
Bhakti increases in its own way
Bhrigu, Visnu and Laksmi – Why the devotees shave – Why Padmavati is worshiped in Tirupati
Blaming the knife
Demons are guilty?
Mithuna Sankranti – the Sun enters into Gemini
Prema-dhvani (Jaya-dhvani)
Rape en holy places
Should we pay for learning Krishna consciousness?
Should we suffer while Krishna enjoys?
Some devotees worship the Devas
The destiny of someone who abandons his spiritual master – and reinitiating
Using lust and wrath in Krishna Consciousness
Various questions on initiation
Vegetarian burgers
What ki means
Who was the spiritual master of Madhavendra Puri and how they met?
Why do I need a Diksa Guru if I have so many Siksa Gurus?
Why sometimes we fast in Dvadasi and not in Ekadasi
Why we should not sing the Maha Mantra after singing to Lord Nrsimha