ADI PARVA – Maha-bharata 100,000 Project

The Maha-bharata 100,000 Project consists in the presentation of the complete Maha-bharata, verse by verse, enriched with the Bhaktivedanta Darsana, or explanations. 
Here is the Adi Parva.

All verses. Explanations being compiled.


This is a Live eBook. It does not have a fixed price but a lifetime minimum donation of 10 dollars. We trust in your generosity.



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Contents of the Adi Parva

The first of the eighteen books of the Maha-bharata is called “Adi Parva“, which in turn is divided into a further 18 Parvas (books or chapters):

1. Anukramanika Parva
2. Parva Sangraha Parva
3. Pausya Parva
4. Pauloma Parva
5. Astika Parva
6. Ansavatarana Parva
7. Sambhava Parva
8. Jatugriha Parva
9. Hidimba-vadha Parva
10. Baka-vadha Parva
11. Caitraratha Parva
12. Svayamvara Parva
13. Vaivahika Parva
14. Viduragamana-rajyalambha Parva
15. Arjunavanavasa Parva
16. Subhadraharana Parva
17. Haranaharana Parva
18. Khandava-daha Parva

and 234 Adhyaya (or chapters).

The total of the verses present in the Adi Parva is 8,884.

Printed on paper, Adi Parva consists of over 1,200 pages.

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