Matsya Avatara and the Hayagriva demon

Matsya Avatara, and the Hayagriva demon

is a collection of documents in various languages concerning Matsya Avatara, one of the incarnations of Visnu, in the form of a Fish, and the Hayagriva demon.

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Table of contents
    • Matsya Avatara, seeds of knowledge
    • India Through the Eyes of Europe – Matsya Avatara
    • Matsyavatara, with Sanskrit
    • Matsyavatara, without Sanskrit
    • Question and answer on Matsya Avatara
    • Matsyavatara in Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.15
    • Hayagriva, the demon


    • Matsya Avatara – Espanol


    • Matsyavatara, in Italiano


    • Lord Visnu Matsyavatara
    • Matsyavatara-The First Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
    • Dashavtar Illustrated Story – Matsya Avatar…The Fish Incarnation




    • Concept Of Incarnation And Vishnu’s Ten Avataras
    • Matsya HTML
    • Matsya PDF
    • Matsyavatara, the first form of life
    • o What is the significance of Lord Vishnu’s Matsya Avatar?

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