Vrindavana Lila – Vol. 1 (English) Live Books

Vrindavana Lila – Vol. 1, composed of 90 transcendental stories (lila), is an information book dedicated to the life and activities in the spiritual world. These narrations comes from another dimension and it is important to know what happens there to develop the desire to reach it.

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One of the fundamental characteristics of the “Live Books” concept is that you enter an environment that grows continuously and for your whole life you can take advantage of it.

The documents in our Kadacha Mediastore will continue to be updated forever, probably for our entire life. As we find new things we add the new findings and you can have them.

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A black snake in Radharani’s hairs
A jet of milk at Radharani’s face
Abhimanyu chased away
Asta-kaliya Nitya Lila
Blouse shadow
Boat pastime at Manasi Ganga
Boat Pastimes At the Yamuna
Brahma stealing the gopas 
Candra Sarovara, plays
Candravali, where is Kamsa
Cheated into eating a flower
Child Krishna meets baby Radharani for the first time
Conversation between Radha and Krishna
Daily meditation
Deha Kunda
Disguised as a sannyasi
Dohani Kunda, Krishna teaches Radha how to milk
Don’t put Your face near Mine
Dream pastimes – Radharani and Caitanya
Govardhana Puja
Govinda Kunda, ceremony
Haroyan Gram
Hau Bilau
I don’t want anything from Sakhisthali
Imli Tala
Jala Kridatikusala Sva Malali, the song
Jarati joking with Krishna
Krishna asks Sanatana to build a hut for himself
Krishna Balarama do not want to leave playing
Krishna dancing
Krishna deceives Jatila
Krishna eating earth
Krishna enters the forest
Krishna gets scared
Krishna inventing the word mata
Krishna learning the meaning of words
Krishna marks Radha’s breast
Krishna protects Radharani
Krishna saving the gopas from the Munjavana fire
Krishna steals the gopi’s garments
Krishna the mendicant
Krishna tries to dress Yasoda
Krishna trying to walk
Krishna wants freshly churned butter
Krishna wants His mother’s attention
Kutila catches Radha Krishna
Kyon Nai (Konai)
Last day of Kartika
Lautha Baba
Madhavendra Puri, the story
Madhumangala chastised by the Gopis
Manasi Ganga, the boatman
Mukhara to Krishna, go fetch those things
Mukta Carita, the pearl pastime
Nanda Maharaja supports Krishna
No dots
Pastimes in the month of Kartika
Peackock pastimes
Please tell me dear Yashoda Mayya
Prema Sarovara pastimes
Priyah so’yam
Radha and Krishna on the swing
Radha attracted to the three Krishnas
Radha brings ingredients for Sanatana
Radha Kunda discovered by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
Radha Kunda, the origin
Radha Nagari
Radharani accused
Radharani curses Vrinda
Radharani dreaming
Radharani’s disguise
Radharani’s particular night dress
Rupa Gosvami disturbed in his meditation
Sanatana Gosvami and the touchstone
Sanatana Gosvami too old to do parikrama
Sankari Khora, the narrow passage
Surya Kunda, Dvaraka Baba
Surya Kunda, Krishna as a brahmana
Surya Kunda, more pastimes
Surya-kunda, warming Krishna’s body
Syama Sakhi Pastime
The black cuckoo
The butter thief
The fruit vendor
The gopis complained that Krishna and Balarama were stealing butter