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Suppose you write and publish a book and after some time you want to add or delete something…

Suppose someone sends you a question and you answer it, and you want to add both to your book…

Suppose someone finds an important document that would improve the quality of your book…

Suppose that we want to add video, audio, pictures, links and other media…

Suppose someone wants to add their own answers to a particular question, or publish his own book and answer the question themselves…

All these things in a paper book are not possible!

Live Books is the solution.


This is how it works.

You buy the access to an online book.
This is a lifetime entrance to an ever-growing book.
With your password you’ll have lifetime access to a masterpiece that most probably will end up becoming an encyclopedia.

You can access this book on any device: cellular, tablet or computer. You only need an Internet connection.

Another exciting feature, that will be quite common in Kadacha Editions, is that you can buy a book even before it is finished. You will see it growing and have the pleasure to participate in “its life” through your questions and suggestions.

So you’ll be able to read an unfinished Maha-bharata (all 100,000 verses), Ramayana, Vedanta Sutra, Visnu Purana, the books of the Gosvamis and of all of the Acaryas, the four Vedas, the Puranas, the Upanisad and so on and so forth.

About knowing what changes have been made, you will receive a Kadacha Newsletter informing you of all updates.

Live Books is a most exciting formula. You’ll will also love it.


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