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Maha Granthalaya, the Great Vedic Library, offers a considerable amount of texts concerning Vedic culture. You will find not only articles, books, magazines but also audio and video. This will continue to grow for tens and hundreds of thousands of texts.

The donation we ask for will be valid forever.


The Library will be open to the public in the coming weeks…


In the Library you will also find hundreds of precious books in electronic format (eBook). Some of these are accessible for free to all members and others are accessible and downloadable through a further donation (eBook Plus).


Attention: Some of these can be found, free or for a fee, on the Internet, while others only through our Library. In one case or another, we like to say that these books are not for sale but that we offer them in exchange for a donation necessary to maintain and expand our noble project.

Be generous.
Every cent will return to the spiritual benefit of society in the form of transcendental knowledge.


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