Kadacha (literally, notebook or diary) deals with research and studies on the ancient texts called Vedas and on the texts of subsequent traditions belonging to the same line.

Our goal is to put online, in all possible formats, the entire Vedic literature and give you the way to study it and understand it.

We are aware that the task is quite demanding, even daunting, considering that the Vedas and their proceeding traditions have an immense body of literature.

We will deal with the four original Vedas and their branches, the Puranas, the Upanisads, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the literature spinning from the Vaisnava world, like those of the “Vrindavana six Gosvamis”. They are so many that it’s impossible to list them all.

We’ll try our best, and if you want to help, you are welcome.

We have the ambition to give you information that you cannot find anywhere else and to explain in a different, more in-depth and clear way, the large amount of data you’ll find here.

You’ll find our books in:

paper format, (in Amazon)
in Kindle format, (in Amazon)
in PDF format.

We hope to give you not only classes in audio format but also all of our books so that you can listen to them.

But the most ambitious format is the “Live eBooks” project. It is really revolutionary and eventually will transform our bookstore into a Vedic Academy.

All our prices are to be intended as donations to make all this possible.

Subscribing to the Kadacha Newsletter is a necessary step, especially for those who are students or professors of any of the “Live Books”.


The Bookstore: www.kadachaeditions.com

The Blog: www.isvara.org

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Kadacha Editions is a project by ISKCON Mission Society of Puerto Rico (USA No Profit Org)