Vrindavana Lila (English)

Vrindavana Lila – Vol. 1, composed of 90 transcendental stories (lila), is an information book dedicated to the life and activities in the spiritual world. These narrations comes from another dimension and it is important to know what happens there to develop the desire to reach it.

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Vrindavana Lila, Vol. 1


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A black snake in Radharani’s hairs

A jet of milk at Radharani’s face

Abhimanyu chased away

Asta Kaliya Lila


Bhandiravat, various pastimes

Blouse shadow

Boat pastime at the Yamuna

Boat pastimes at Manasi Ganga

Brahma stealing the gopas

Brahmanda Ghata  – Vision of universal form

Candra Sarovara lilas

Candravali, where is Kamsa

Ceremony at Govinda Kunda

Cheated into eating a flower

Conversation between Jambavati and Kalindi

Conversations between Radha and Krishna

Daily meditation

Deha Kunda and the leper

Dice game – see Haroyala

Disguised as a sannyasi (short version)

Don’t put Your face near Mine

Dream pastimes – Radharani and Sri Caitanya

El barquero de Manasi Ganga

Fruit vendor

Gopala Guru Gosvami place of bhajan


Gopis complain stealing butter

Govardhana Puja (Annakuta Festival)

Govardhana Puja, Go Puja

Hau Bilau


Imli Tala

Jala Kridatikusala Sva Malali

Jarati joking with Krishna

Kosi, who are you? see places

Krishna asks Sanatana to build a hut for himself

Krishna Balarama do not want to leave playing

Krishna dancing

Krishna disguised as a female doctor

Krishna Disguised as a Female Singer

Krishna Disguised as Abhimanyu

Krishna eats clay – universal form

Krishna entra nella foresta

Krishna gets scared

Krishna inventing the word mata

Krishna learning the meaning of words

Krishna marks Radha’s breast

Krishna protects Radharani

Krishna Recovers the Son of His Teacher

Krishna saving the gopas from the Munjavana fire

Krishna steals the gopi garments

Krishna teaches Radha how to milk

Krishna the mendicant

Krishna tries to dress Yasoda

Krishna trying to walk

Krishna wants freshly churned butter

Krishna wants His mother’s attention

Krsna eating earth

Kusuma Sarovara and Narada Muni

Kutila catches Radha Krishna

Kyon Nai (Konai)

Last day of Kartika

Lautha Baba

Madhavendra Puri, the story

Madhumangala chastised by the Gopis

Manasi Ganga boat pastimes

Mayur Kutir, peackock pastimes

Meeting in the Box

Mukhara to Krishna, go fetch those things

Mukta Carita (Il passatempo delle perle)

Nanda Maharaja supports Krishna

No dots


Pastimes in the month of Kartika

Pili Pokhara pastimes

Please tell me, dear Yashoda Mayya

Prema Sarovara pastimes

Priya so’yam krishna sahacari

Radha attracted to the three Krishnas

Radha brings ingredients for Sanatana

Radha e Krishna sull’altalena

Radha Krishna meet for the first time

Radha Nagari

Radha’s appearance. She sees Krishna for the first time

Radharani accused

Radharani curses Vrinda

Radharani dreaming

Radharani in disguise

Radharani particular night dress

Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami e Sakhi Sthali

Rupa Gosvami disturbed in his meditation

Sakatasura – see same chapter of Trinavarta

Sanatana Gosvami and the touchstone

Sanatana Gosvami too old to do parikrama

Sankari Khor pastimes

Stealing of Butter

Suka Sari dialogue

Surya Kunda – Dvaraka Baba

Surya Kunda – Krishna as a brahmana

Surya Kunda, pastimes

Surya-kunda, warming Krishna’s body

Swing Pastimes

Syama Sakhi Pastime

Syamantaka gem

The Advent of Lord Krsna

The black cuckoo

The blind sadhu

The cows and the flute

The lion in Varsana

The pearl pastime


Tulasi Devi

Urja Vrata

Vrajavasi decide to move to Vrindavana

Vrinda Devi becomes Tulasi

Vrinda Kunda stories – see places

Wedding of Krishna and Padmavati

Where jealous anger was broken

Who are your parents

Why Radharani worships Surya

Yamuna, boat pastimes

Yasoda Binds Krishna

Yasoda dresses Krishna

Yasoda sees the universe in Krishna’s mouth

You are not Nanda’s son


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