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A Sidelong Glance – (English)

We are here today to present our latest book, “A Sidelong Glance“.
Srimati Radharani fascinates Sri Krishna by looking at him in this way. It is an irresistible and full of attraction look. We also have a strong desire to one day be fascinated by the way Srimati Radharani is, at all times, calling us back to the spiritual world, where life is filled with eternal knowledge and happiness.

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Vrindavana Lila (English)

Vrindavana Lila – Vol. 1, composed of 90 transcendental stories (lila), is an information book dedicated to the life and activities in the spiritual world. These narrations comes from another dimension and it is important to know what happens there to develop the desire to reach it.

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El Santo de Vrindavana – 5 videos con audio

El Santo de Vrindavana es una colección de cinquo video conferencias para un total de más de 8 horas.


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Ninguna donación es demasiado baja o demasiado alta. Hay una donación mínima sugerida que se mantendrá durante todo el año 2020.


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